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Shaping Strong Brand Identity

Your company's ability to maintain a consistent rhythm of high-impact content, messaging and imagery helps to shape its strong brand identity. Veeva Systems is presented as a case example below:

Brand Identity Team

Our friends at Veeva Systems (NYSE VEEV) have excellent branding. Veeva, a provider of cloud-based software for the life sciences industry has implemented a clean and cohesive appearance for its website which flows between layers of well-organized, branded content. Its smooth page transitions reflect meticulous and skillful attention to detail. It is evident that Veeva has invested a healthy budget into delivering an impactful brand appearance and brand experience.

It typically takes at least 5 brand interactions for a consumer to reliably remember a company’s brand, and Veeva delivers impressively across all online touchpoints to shape a compelling memory. Its overall brand identity is further lifted by impactful messaging designed to turn targeted consumer interest into consumer demand.

Slyde Associates recommends you take an objective look at your brand, realizing that it is one of your most important competitive assets.

Knowing when, where, and how to position, release, and create cohesive strategies, requires a symphony of skilled resources & technologies. Effective brand marketing can require the implementation of carefully choreographed strategies that may include your website, downloadable content, webinars, podcasts, videos, influencer marketing, PR, and paid campaigns to name a few.

Developing an image that fosters an identity among your audience is essential if you are interested in business growth. Slyde Associates has experience developing and marketing some of the world’s most successful brands. Reach out to learn what Slyde can do for you.

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