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Your creative briefs may be missing elements designed to get creatives energized, up-to-speed quickly and producing compelling work.

Slyde Associates spoke with a handful of agency creative professionals in order to better comprehend how they viewed the role of data in modern creative briefing processes.

Our key takeaways are outlined below:

1. Creatives want you to utilize data.

There’s a general misnomer that creatives are averse to data. While many individuals may not be "numbers oriented," providing them with a well-fashioned, data-driven brief helps them to build confidence and provides direction.

Incomplete briefs can actually put the creative team’s process on hold, and when a brief is delivered without needed supporting data, creatives will go dig for information on their own.

“Creatives get sidetracked from their focus and waste substantial amounts of time.”

2. Concepts reinforced by strong insights are easier to sell.

Strong data/research not only helps to promote the big picture with respect to the creative process, but it enables you to solidify and validate your creative suggestion.

“Utilize data appropriately in the initial stages of the creative briefing process in order to produce better outcomes and reinforced selling propositions later-on.”


1. Don't be limited

Data is essential for bringing interesting opportunities to light, but it also has the propensity to limit creative inspiration.

“Creative inspiration is a big part of the essence and lifeblood of a compelling campaign.”

2. Help creatives understand what the data means

Data is provided within briefs to help creatives understand the given dynamic. It also helps them tell an inspired story to all who view their work.

“You should never provide data without an explanation of what the data means, especially to a creative professional”


  • Research and rigor are critical for business strategy as well as for efficient and effective creative processes and outcomes.

  • Reveal opportunities with data, but don’t put creativity in a box.

In order to optimize the creative process, it takes substantial know-how and an understanding of all the technologies at your disposal. You need individuals that understand how all of the elements can work together to tell a meaningful story.

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