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Hosthub Forms New Partnership with Online Reviews Aggregator, Revyoos

Rental Online Reviews Aggregator Revyoos

If you want to succeed as a vacation rental host, you can’t underestimate the importance of reviews in the rental marketplace.

Positive reviews from the people who stay at your property benefit you as much as they do future customers. Whether you host on Airbnb, Vrbo, or a direct website, you need to prominently display your reviews.

How important are reviews to rental consumers?

Over 90% of consumers say that they read reviews before purchasing. They want to know what they can expect from a stay at your rental property, and they trust reviewers to provide an accurate account of their experiences.

While nearly all consumers check reviews beforehand, they don’t expect perfection. More than 70% of consumers say that the written review is more important than the star rating. While many want to see a 4- to 4.5-star rating, others are happy with anything above 3.5 stars.

What are the benefits of reviews?

When you receive consistently strong rental reviews and ratings, there are many benefits, including:

Better Consumer Relationships

With a wide variety of positive reviews, potential guests will find it easier to trust you. Many people before them have had good experiences after booking with you, so prospective guests assume that they probably will too. Improved trust will lead to higher conversion rates.

Improved SEO

Google sees reviews as content. So, when reviewers mention your business name often or use keywords relevant to your service, your business page will rank higher for searches using those keywords.

Free Advertising

Positive reviews are essentially marketing content that you didn’t have to create. They go a long way in convincing potential customers that you will provide a good vacation experience, as they trust the opinions of other customers more than they would a sales pitch.

Understand Areas to Improve

When a customer leaves you anything short of a 5-star review, they’ve likely included information about what kept you from receiving a perfect score. This information will provide insights on how you can improve your vacation rental property to receive better reviews.

What is Revyoos?

Because they understand the importance of online reviews in the vacation rental marketplace, Hosthub has partnered with to make it easier than ever to display all of your reviews, even across different platforms.

Every day, Revyoos takes your customer reviews from all platforms and displays them on a convenient widget that you can add to your direct booking website. Compatible platforms include:



This way, you get the full benefits from all of your reviews, and they are easy for customers to see all in one place.

As vacation rental properties become more popular, the importance of online reviews in the rental marketplace will continue to grow. Be sure to ask your customers for reviews after their stay. You may even consider offering a discount or bonus to incentivize it. With all the benefits that reviews provide, it’s an area you can’t afford to overlook. If you'd like to learn more about reviews or come up with a strategy, reach out to Slyde Associates LLC for a consultation.

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