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13% of firms are ready for future disruption

  • A disruptive technology is one that notably impacts the way in which consumers, businesses or market's function.

  • Some of the most disruptive technologies impacting the future include blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality and e-commerce.

Business Disruption

Business disruption is becoming more common than in the past, and some of the world's most prominent businesses have fallen from grace. More often than you might expect, these companies didn’t see it coming.

Legacy brands are particularly vulnerable in today’s environment. In some industries its even possible for a handful of small entrepreneurs to develop the next hot innovation (or business model) that totally changes the game. The speed of online business has accelerated, and the ability to connect and engage with customers has increased substantially.

These dynamics can serve to alleviate barriers to entry for small businesses looking to take market share.


If you are a mid-sized or large business, NOW is the time to protect yourself from emerging innovators with the right insights and business strategies.

Learn how Slyde Associates can help

Slyde Associates helps clients grow their market value and their top and bottom line. We customize work and apply brainpower, innovation and diligence to achieve ambitious goals.


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